Leon Edwards goes in on Jorge Masvidal: ‘Street Jesus hard man sh*t was all just marketing’

In March of 2019, both Leon Edwards and Jorge Masvidal fought at UFC London. In the main event, Masvidal knocked out Darren Till and in the co-main event, and Edwards won a split decision over Gunnar Nelson. Afterwards, while backstage giving interviews, Edwards and Masvidal got into a now famous altercation where Masvidal hit Edwards with “a three piece, with the soda.”

Normally, a moment like that would have inevitably led to a matchup between the two contenders, and in the aftermath, that was something Edwards was angling for. Instead though, Masvidal was paired against Ben Askren, who he would go on to knock out in five seconds, changing the trajectory of his career and putting Edwards in his rear-view mirror. That has not deterred Edwards from continuing to lobby for a fight against Masvidal over the past year, and though he’s seemingly still no closer to getting what he wants, Edwards is isn’t giving up. In fact, “Rocky” is ramping up his call outs.

Taking to Twitter yesterday, Edwards lambasted Masvidal for not fighting him, calling “Gamebred” a “sh*t journeyman” and claiming Masvidal’s star turn was the result of marketing chicanery.

“I’m ranked above and heading for my 9th win in a row so you know it gets you closer to the title beating me. But keep hiding behind the ‘it does nothing for us’ excuse you and your whole btch made team keep using because you know I’ll fck you up.

“Has everyone realized the whole Street Jesus hard man sh*t was all just marketing yet? And Masvidal is actually a shit journeyman? Or people still think he’s good?

“Fuck it Jorge let’s fight, no money, mutual location, film it, bang it on YouTube, public will see your a pussy #letsgetit.”

For his part, Masvidal has remained mostly uninterested in a bout with Edwards, preferring more lucrative opportunities. However, following his failed title bid at UFC 251, Masvidal did say that “if the numbers make sense,” and move him closer to another title shot, than he would fight Edwards.

Edwards and Masvidal are currently ranked third and fourth respectively in the UFC’s welterweight rankings. Masvidal last fought at UFC 251, losing a unanimous decision to Kamaru Usman. Meawhile, Edwards last fought at UFC on ESPN 4, winning a unanimous decision over Rafael dos Anjos.